Unique People: Freedom of the Road


Good ole days

“I’m a full-time RV’r, camped at Rocky Branch. I’m moving on to DeQueen for a month, then to Alabama for the winter. I’ve lived in my RV for many years now.”

This sweet man loved coming to the War Eagle Mill for breakfast every few days, while parked at Rocky Branch. War Eagle was a destination on his sojourn across the states in search of good weather. He loved the area, the Mill and living in a RV. Originally from Fairbanks; if not for the stroke, he said, he would still be there. His love of fishing and hunting has been put on hold by the loss of good movement in his legs, requiring a cane to walk.

He has friends in all the places he stays. The price of gas has curtailed a lot of the road trips, and have been replaced by longer stays in areas he chooses each year. This is his fourth, maybe more, year to come to War Eagle Mill. This morning was his last time for breakfast before moving on to DeQueen. His stroke makes it difficult to maneuver the stairs but he just had to have breakfast “…one more time before I leave.” ┬áHe is probably in Alabama by now, enjoying the balmy winter days on the coast.

Bob looked at me funny when I asked him if he would be the first in my photo series of unique visitors to the Mill. But he gladly stood for a photo and signed the paper I wrote his information on, giving me permission to use as I liked.

We stood talking for quite a while, and during the conversation I saw layers of history hinted at that I would love to know. His life in Fairbanks, why he is on his own, what it was like to lose his full mobility. I could take photos of every single person that comes to the Mill and put them in this series, because we are all unique. But there are some that just stand out; people who have a spark, a knowledge, history that others do not possess.

Over the next few weeks I will post more about the unique folks that come to the Mill.

Why don’t you come by?

IMG_8681 Mill at sunset


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