Listen with your ears, and whirl on!



“Are you a Whirling Dervish?” I asked the young girl whirling through the aisles of the Gift Shop of War Eagle Mill. “What’s that?” her brother asked. “Yes, I am,” she piped in. As if she totally understood what I was asking her.

Whirling is a good description of what it feels like sometimes in my life. Seems like events, people, weather and time all whirl about me as I walk down this path that has been laid out for me. I step out so many times uncertain as to the outcome but with an intuition knowledge that assures me it will all be good.

In this season of Christmas I find myself turned off by the whole experience. And while I spent a few dollars and time collecting gifts for my very immediate family, I felt coerced somehow. That the mass push to buy, buy, buy was pulling me to do something I really didn’t want to do. Don’t get me wrong. I spent a lovely three hours deciding on the perfect gifts for my grandchildren and daughters and found the perfect parking place (thank you parking Angel). I was patient at the lights and the long lines of traffic, kind to clerks, engaged other shoppers in conversation, smiled at babies, and watched the manic pace of others.

Giving is something I love doing, so I do it all year long. It might be a simple leaf painted with someone in mind, a ride to do errands for someone who no longer drives, or as nice as clothes needed to start a new job. That’s the giving I like. This giving pushed at the end of the year doesn’t speak to me. So I had to get outside of myself, think of the meaning it holds for those that I am buying for (very disappointed and sad if their grandmother didn’t buy them something), and do it.

Then I wonder: what will I do next year? Every year for the last four years I have asked myself this question. Every year I think: I am not going to do Christmas this year. Every year I can’t stop myself from it. Although it is not my thing, and rarely do I receive gifts in return, I get out and buy those special things I feel they need and want.

That day at the mall I felt like a Whirling Dervish. Not so much out of control as others place on the term, but centered, focused on the joy of the moment, and just doing it. With that attitude the time went quickly and I was done in a very short time. I admit, a couple of days earlier I wasn’t in that frame of mind and had to ask God to help me with my attitude.

Soon, this season will whirl out of sight and we can focus on a new year with new beginnings, which really are just a continuation of what has happened the year before!

I hope all of you have a glorious season, however you celebrate it, and keep on whirling! And remember, God loves you and has an amazing plan for you. Ask God what it is and you will receive the answer if you listen. Jesus had this wonderful saying, “Let those who have ears, hear.”

Whirl on!


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