My mind is clear, my heart is peaceful.




I watched a movie the other night; not so great a movie but one line stood out.

There is so much chaos in this world: wars, killings, abuse, deception–all splashed on the screens of our computers and televisions on a sometimes minute by minute basis. “THIS JUST IN” usually sets off alarms in our heads that create stress reactions in our bodies. That’s why I don’t buy newspapers or subscribe to cable. I also ignore the headlines that try to intrude on my Yahoo page, alongside my Facebook newsfeed, and I select “I don’t want to see this” on a lot of the postings from my friends.

The line in the movie was referencing what one of the characters allowed to roll through her mind during meditation. I have learned over this past year that bad words make for bad feelings, good words make for good ones. I am a strong believer in the power of words: words we speak to ourselves, to others, about ourselves and our goals. Such a common mantra in the world of “feel good philosophy” and often pushed aside as old fashioned, but this is very old wisdom that should be heeded.

What we watch for entertainment is also a HUGE influencer on our thinking and behavior. You can say, “Oh it is just a movie!” but next time you sit through a show that has bad language, bad behavior and/or extreme violence, see how long you find yourself flashing back to that movie. Take note of how you feel and how it affects your behavior. This one is a tough one. We have been slowly brought into watching things that just a few years ago were tightly restricted. In the name of freedom of artistic expression, movies now have scenes in them that are hard to sit through, especially with others.

Several phrases are among my favorites when I am pushing through doubt, red tape, negative talkers. One is this new one: My mind is clear, my heart is peaceful. Another is: God loves me and has a special purpose for me. When I get bogged down I turn to those tried and tested methods of changing my thinking and my words. Another favorite is “Fake it till you make it.” Even though I may not be feeling what I am declaring, I find that by saying the words over and over that I can reshape how I am feeling and reach a good place in whatever I am trying to achieve.

You can use this method with anything; learning a new skill, taking on more responsibility, making peace with someone who you are struggling to be peaceful with–the options are unlimited. The only limits are what you put upon your own self.

This blog post is more for reminding myself of the advantages of positive reinforcement than to share with others. That is one of the great benefits of owning your own blog. I can be my own personal therapist and share some of my favorite photos in the process. Plus, who knows, maybe someone out there needed to hear this. So I followed the prompting and hopefully it settles in where it is needed.

My mind is clear, my heart is peaceful!

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