It is all about the light…



 A baptism at War Eagle Creek, under the Bridge, by a small Baptist Church. Love the light.

Staring at this empty page, waiting for some great string of knowledge and wisdom to magically appear, I notice the light through the slats of the kitchen window blinds. As soon as I brought up the blank page and asked for a nudge in the right direction for a piece that would impart some key that would move the world, I saw the light.

Each evening, around 7:00 p.m., the light comes, slanting through the branches of my neighbor’s forest. The shade from the giants that loom over the white two story home behind our mutual fence, create a cool environment for my yard without all the leaves to be picked up in the Fall.

Less often do I witness the morning light, coming in the opposite direction, creating a world of varied shades of green. Sitting here with keyboard under my fingers, my mind searches for words to describe the feelings that are invoked by the light and ensuing shades of green. If I was a painter I would put those colors on a canvas, selected from a palette that does not require a descriptive, only a visual selection.

Crayola has them all named, I’m sure, but without a box of 54 at my fingertips, the colors remain unnamed. Yet, they are all there, laid out without form or reason, shadow and light changing them with each passing moment, making it even more difficult to define which green is showing out when and where.

Yesterday at the Mill, a woman with a Canon Rebel series camera showed me a photograph she had taken of a deer and lamented the glow in the deer’s eyes created by the false light of an automatic flash. Seeing the wheel set on the little green rectangle that represented complete authority over a photo by the camera, I shared with her some of the camera’s features. As I shared with her a few tips on how to use her camera more effectively, the words came, “The features in this camera, the functions available to help you create a good photo, are all related to light. Everything about a good photo is about light.”

Sitting here at the table looking at the light fall through the trees in my neighbor’s yard, I flash back to my first workshop with David Alan Harvey, my favorite teacher. He had said the very same words to me, “…it is all about the light…”, and over the years I have grown in appreciation for this simple yet profound fact.

Everything is all about the light. Not just a good photo, but our lives and world we live in. Be a light in your world. The world as a whole is so shadowy and dark, yet within each of us is a light that when loosed around us, can spread out and open up the pockets of darkness. Be a light. Light of love. Light of kindness. Light of understanding. Light of compassion. Push back the dark, be a beacon of light.

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