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Photographs from a town in Arkansas with an odd name, one of many such towns


Some of the names of Arkansas towns on the way to Harrison, Arkansas are really quite catchy. Like, why would a town be named Snow? And Flippin? What is the history behind that one?

That area of Arkansas was a destination today because I needed to photograph the workshop and the view from the home of a new client. I met her at the War Eagle Fair, in War Eagle, Arkansas, about 3 weeks ago. I was drawn into her booth and was admiring the jackets she customizes and listening to her tell customers about them. Once we began talking the conversation came quickly into the arena of how we could work together. I lived in Fayetteville, she lived over by Harrison, and maybe there was a way I could help her expand her market into this area.

The following Monday I was on the phone with her telling her what I had found out about a boutique in town and how to promote the jacket to sell in their stores. From that came two photoshoots, a website in the works, and a fun day spent shooting the lovely town that could be seen from her deck high above the White River.

My Aunt Emma went on the road trip with me and after the photoshoot of the workshop and more jackets, we headed into the iconic town with the gorgeous bridges. Featured are two views from her deck.

Snow, Flippin, Cotter. Just three of the really odd names you run see road tripping across Arkansas.