Snow! And other new experiences.


When I woke up this morning I looked outside to see if it had snowed. All day yesterday I heard conflicting reports–snow, no snow. The kids were enthralled by it, and were so excited they couldn’t concentrate on getting ready for school.

Thinking about what it must feel like to have never witnessed snow and seeing it live for the first time. Even the dogs, both Maui dogs and already having issues with the cold, hung back not wanting to step on something they had never seen before.

Now the issue of driving on snow and icy roads has appeared on our horizon. I’ll be honest with you, when thinking in terms of scheduling a class or an outing or appointment, icy snowy conditions never really enter my mind. It wasn’t until the snow was there and the reality of my daughter coming in saying she almost got into an accident due to a slick spot, that the dawning begins.

I have moved to an area that has icy snowy roads at times. Do I stay home when they are like that? For those folks that have been doing this a long time it might not even be something that comes to mind. However, this new experience, snow, has shifted my thinking about my new home again.

Still love it. Don’t get me wrong. Just seeing it in another light, and memories surfacing of other years of my early residence here of snow and icy conditions. But then I had my dad, a professional trucker, to drive me if I needed to go anywhere, or the University bus system to get to work. New experiences–shifting perspective.

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