Motivation gone, time to take a ride!


What to do when you have lost your motivation….

Being self-employed sounds really great. Pick your own hours, work in your pj’s if you want. No fighting rush hour traffic or traveling on roads when they are bad to make an 8:00 clock in time.

However…working on your own means that you make your own schedule, set up your own networks, do all your own marketing, and if you make a bad decision you live with it. No big corporation to fall back on. No benefits included.

Over the past weeks a routine has emerged, starting with coffee at the computer. Sometimes it is to finish out a photo project, working on a client’s website, or researching something about business management. Then a break for breakfast and back at it till 4:00 p.m.

Today I had just about reached my limit of self-imposed (of course) projects when a friend dropped by and we went out to do an errand together and then grabbed lunch. It helped, for a while.

Sometimes I just give in and do other things that need doing, like make a shopping list for a dinner party I’m hosting tomorrow night.

Taking yourself too seriously can lead to just as much stress as not taking your work seriously enough.

Time to go shopping. Any ideas for a main course?

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