Product Photography


Products sold on the Internet have become an integral part of our economy. With the cost of leasing storefronts, insurance, and other costs associated with a typical business, the Internet is a perfect forum for creating income. Your product needs to be seen in its best light and your website needs to reflect what you are all about as an entrepreneur. I can photograph your product and assist you in designing your website. Call me at 479-879-1688 or email leeguthriephotography @

Many of the older generation have so many items in their homes that belonged to their parents and their parent’s parents and their parent’s parent’s parents. As they get older they begin to feel the urge to sort through these items, and decide who in the family will receive them once they have passed on. Sometimes these individuals are the end of the line in their families, and when that happens it is especially important that the items be photographed, cataloged and either sold at auction to help pay the expenses that may come along as they get older or to bequeath to a museum or non-profit.┬áThe photos in this gallery are a small selection of work I have done in this area. If you have a need for this kind of documenting, for whatever purpose, please contact me at leeguthriephotography @

IMG_0190 Everyday Celebrat copy.jpgIMG_0228 Simply Sugar Free copy.jpgIMG_0371 Frosty Morn.jpgIMG_4639 The Daily Grind copy.jpgIMG_8635 Hog Wild copy.jpgIMG_9175 Catch of the Day  copy.jpgIMG_0863.jpgIMG_1075.jpgIMG_1085.jpgIMG_0115.jpgColor Wheel.jpgEndura Suntan.jpgSuffolk Solo Prequel Light on white 1 w logo.jpg_MG_5146 closed boxes.jpg_MG_5155 closed lids markings 2.jpg_MG_5184 plates.jpg_MG_5213 last four w shoe closed.jpg_MG_5227 open boxes.jpg_MG_5236 three bronzes.jpg_MG_5276 wooden vase 2.jpg_MG_5303 deserted ranch.jpg_MG_5309 new windmill.jpg_MG_5319 grandfather paint.jpg_MG_5323 grandfather paint 2.jpgBox 16 closed.jpgBox 3 closed.jpgBox 9 closed.jpgIMG_0402.jpgIMG_0423.jpgIMG_0433.jpg