Freedom Fair 2011


Northwest Arkansas is a diverse community–encompassing many belief systems, both political and spiritual. And since my years as a youth here growing up the diversity of cultures has expanded. As Socrates said, and I paraphrase, to ask questions is good, it is the answers that divide. This Freedom Fair is an example of a group of citizens concerned about the state of America and where our current government is leading us. They believe it is away from the guiding principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and are devoted to getting America back on the path they believe our Founding Fathers meant us┬áto follow.


Freedom Fair, 2011, Northwest Arkansas Citizens for Better Government, May Farm, Fayetteville, AR, October 22, 2011. A day of speaking minds, declaring the need for government leaders to get to work and stop taking us down roads of dissent and higher taxes for no return. For telling the leaders that We The People are their job security, and if they want to keep their job they better step up to the plate and do it!