Old Glory


Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, the Red White and Blue. All are names we have given through the years to the flag that represents America and the freedom inherent to her citizens. Flags are popping up everywhere and of late they are making a huge impression on me. There is a movement afoot to keep those freedoms from being taken away from America’s citizens by stopping the insidious intrusion of laws in the name of our protection.

IMG_7649.jpgFlag 16.jpgFlag 13.jpgFlag 12.jpgFlag 14.jpgFlag 15.jpgFlag 1.jpgFlag 7.jpgFlag 10.jpgFlag 8.jpg

As new flags are photographed they will be added. To start this one off I am putting in a selection of photos taken at Fayetteville National Cemetery on Valentine’s Day 2012. It was a glorious day and I found our flag in grand display in the bountiful sunshine on this winter day.

I remember a fellow classmate, Mark Bennington (http://www.MarkBennington.com/), in a workshop with David Alan Harvey back a few years ago in Santa Fe. He did his essay on the flag and some of his images were very moving.