Real Estate


To sell your home two things need to happen: establish a good price and present the property in its best light.

When I photograph a property for sale I look at all of its features: the surrounding area, views, special features and functionality.

A prospective client wants to be able to see themselves living or working there, so it is extremely important that the real estate (whether a home or business or farm) be presented so that clutter and the personal effects of the owner are removed but just enough furniture and decorating items are there to enhance the property and inspire the buyer’s imagination for their ownliving space. Rental property has its own special challenges. Often times, the owner is absentee, and the property is in not the best shape. As a photographer, my job is to show the potential to the prospective renter yet not make the property out to be what it isn’t.

My services encompass more than just photography; I can also help you stage your home and review your property in an objective manner to allow for a fast and profitable sale. Or I can just photograph it for you. Either way, if you want your property to sell quickly and profitably it pays to hire a photographer/stager to present your property in its best light.

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